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Dog Training, Group and 1-2-1 sessions

Mans best friend

Well at last, here at Betty Kisses Day Dare and Training Centre I have the time and my own space to present a range of dog training classes/experiences. Primarily for the pet dogs but if you need a hand with your gun dog I can help there too. The class-based lessons will be for a maximum of five learners and their dogs. All lessons are an hour long followed by a recap and a bit of a chat after.

My mission is to make sure dogs and owners understand each other and to give owners the tools for a happy partnership. Alongside specific training classes we also offer Day Care Plus, your dog can take part in all the usual fun of day care and benefit from 1-2-1 training sessions throughout the day.

If you decide you need my help I need you to consider certain things first:

  • Open your mind…leave all your preconceptions and previous experiences at the door, let’s               start afresh.
  • Commitment…you will need to commit time and effort every day.
  • Patience…dogs learn at different speeds and old habits sometimes die hard.
  • Enthusiasm…it’s infectious and dogs thrive on it.

Everyone needs a family


Basic training for dog and human so both have the tools to co-exist in today’s hectic world. Suitable for puppies and junior dogs, an hour’s practical hands on lesson with time after the lesson for an informal chat and recap on that day’s theme. Be warned there will be homework!


Explains the importance of play, reward and vitally engagement with your dog


Works on recall. Probably the most important lesson both human and dog will ever have


Lead walking, the easiest yet hardest of all lessons


Learning manners both dog and human


What’s next for you and your dog?

Cost: £75   Location: Betty Kisses Day Care Centre

UPCOMING START DATES: Thursday 18 April 2019 6.30pm 

                                        Friday 26 April 2019 6.30pm FULLY BOOKED

                                        Thursday 6 June 2019 6.30pm

                                        Friday 7 June 2019 6.30pm


Roxy in training and focused

Dog Walking for beginners

An hour’s 1-2-1 supervised dog walk with your pet. Pointing out training opportunity’s and explaining dog behaviours. An ideal time to highlight any issues you are worried about or need help with. You might want to take notes.

£20.00 an hour

Time and place to suit, contact Keith on 07974 570039


1-2-1 private lessons. Aimed at problem behaviours. There is no such thing as an easy fix. All problems need time and energy to fix and in some cases a fix may not be entirely possible, and it may be a case of best management. If I feel the problem is beyond my experience I will help you find the help you need. At all times we are here for you and your dog, we want that happy ending.

£50.00 (90 minute session)

Time and place to suit, contact Keith 07974 570039