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Our doggy day care and training centre, conveniently situated on South Church Enterprise Park in Bishop Auckland, is here for your every need, be it training or day care.

We live in a world in which we care for the physical and emotional well-being of our pets as much if not more than our own, and in today’s busy world we can sometimes struggle to give our pets the exercise and undivided attention they need every day. At Betty Kisses, pets are our only business. We are dedicated to making the bond between you and your dog stronger by promoting peak fitness through consistent and exciting new ways to exercise and train your dogs.

Day Care

The play areas for the dogs are designed to let the animals socialise in a safe, secure and supervised environment. 

Our clients (the dogs) receive a balanced regime with elements of exercise and play training throughout the day using a wide variety of activities. You will see the benefit starting from the first day you pick your dog up as they learn through exercise and healthy interaction and return home happy and tired.

We have lots of activities throughout the day to keep your dog engaged and active, balls to chase, ropes to tug and tunnels to hide in. 

Whilst we have all the classic equipment you expect to see at day care we also offer lots of enrichment activities to work your dogs mind as much as his body.

Our outdoor adventures continue with countryside walks, visits to the nature reserve and local water spots included in their day as standard.

Contact Lynn on 07779 571558


Our class-based lessons are currently reduced in size due to Covid19 restrictions but are generally held for a maximum of six learners. All lessons are an hour long followed by a recap and chat.

Our mission is to make sure dogs and owners understand each other and to give owners the tools for a happy partnership. 

Alongside specific training classes we also offer Day Care Plus, your dog can take part in all the usual fun of day care and benefit from 1-2-1 training sessions throughout the day.

If you decide you need our help we need you to consider certain things first:

Open your mind…leave all your preconceptions and previous experiences at the door, let’s start afresh.

Commitment…you will need to commit time and effort every day.

Patience…dogs learn at different speeds and old habits sometimes die hard.

Enthusiasm…it’s infectious and dogs thrive on it.

Contact Keith on 07974 570039

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