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Beginners Gun Dog Training

This is an introductory six week course into some of the disciplines that make up a successful working gundog. It takes two years to turn a dog into a trustworthy gundog, even then it takes some breeds longer to mature physically and mentally.

Your gundog pup will have genetic drives built in, why not try to harness them and at the same time develop a respectful dog to be proud of; a dog you have control of, a dog you understand and who understands you.

The young dog should be around the seven to eight month mark or older but if you have done a lot of training basic obedience as a puppy then they may still be suitable, please call me to discuss before booking.

We will cover:

1. Place board: Sit/stay. Eye contact. Recall to board. Starting the Retrieve

2. Whistle training: Stop. Turn. Recall. There. Building the retrieve

3. Heel work: Sit at Heel. Moving off. Elected sit/reset. Turns. Building the retrieve.

4. Hand signals: Stop. Left and right. Back. Building the retrieve

5. Retrieving: Memory Retrieves. Blinds. Marked retrieves. Steadiness

6. Exam week

COST: £175 (£75 deposit will secure your place with remainder payable week one).


You will need a gundog whistle and lanyard. Traditionally labs and spaniels are on a 210.5 and pointers on a 211.5. I get mine from Amazon or eBay, but they are widely available. Remember a lot of the training will be outside so you will need to dress appropriately (prepare for the worst).

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