Day Care Plus

We have had some excellent results working with dogs who come to our day care but not our training classes. So with this in mind it seems like a natural progression to offer a service specifically designed to help dogs and their owners with basic obedience issues and some behavioural issues.

Our daily regimen of structured walks and enrichment play coupled with regular training sessions leads to a happy healthy dog and a contented owner.

If your dog isn’t known to us an initial consultation will be needed to see what your needs are and to develop a learning plan for that dog. The owner is in control of this whole process, we can offer advice and guidance, all the benefits of 30 years experience of working and training dogs.

If your dog is new to us, the first day at school is the dogs introduction day and we will do nothing but get to know the dog and help it settle in. Normal day care pricing applies. Day Care Plus days can then commence. We will fit in up to five short training sessions a day all based around reward techniques, that can be food or toy, whatever the dog enjoys. We need the dog to want to work and there is no place for harsh treatment or training equipment that causes discomfort. We will send you video clips of the work we are doing and updates on your dogs progress.

Initial and follow up consultation fee: £20 per session

Day Care Plus: £35 per day

Please contact us for more details or to set up an initial consultation. Contact Keith on 07974570039