Basic training for dog and human so both have the tools to co-exist in today’s hectic world. Suitable for puppies and junior dogs, an hour’s practical hands on lesson with time after the lesson for an informal chat and recap on that day’s theme. Be warned there will be homework!

WEEK 1 - Explains the importance of play, reward and vitally engagement with your dog

WEEK 2 - Works on recall. Probably the most important lesson both human and dog will ever have

WEEK 3 - Lead walking, the easiest yet hardest of all lessons

WEEK 4 - Learning manners both dog and human

WEEK 5 - What’s next for you and your dog? Exam week!!

Cost: £80

Location: Betty Kisses Day Care Centre


Thursday 13 February 2020 6.30pm  FULLY BOOKED

Friday 14 February 2020 6.30pm


This course is designed for the dogs and owners who have completed our foundation course or for those who have completed a basic dog training course. Preferably the dog and handler should already have a reward-based working/training relationship. Minimum age: 7 months.

The aim of the course is to develop your dog into a good family pet and develop the family into good pet owners.

WEEK 1 - The Stay

WEEK 2 - Loose lead and Heel

WEEK 3 - Family living skills

WEEK 4 - Send away and Stop

WEEK 5 - Social interactions

WEEK 6 - Recall

WEEK 7 - Practice week for Exam

WEEK 8 - Exam

Cost: £120 Location: Betty Kisses Day Care Centre

START DATE: To be confirmed